High altitude

Two-engine aircraft suitable for large areas


Medium altitude

One- and two-engine aircraft dedicated to smaller areas


Low altitude

Ultralight and cheap platforms for small areas with short processing time



Helicopters dedicated to linear objects



UAVs as support for field measurements

Own fleet

We are currently implementing projects all over Europe using our own fleet of 8 aircraft. During the high season, the number of planes and helicopters in the air grows even up to 12. Each of them is equipped with appropriate navigation, stabilisation and sensor mounting systems.

Our base, as well as hangar and office infrastructure, is located at the Rzeszów Jasionka Airport.


Large-format cameras

We use three large-format photogrammetric cameras – from Hexagon and Vexcel.

kamery wielkoformatowe

Medium-format cameras

Medium-format cameras, with matrices above 50 MPix, are mounted, either individually or as various integrated sets, on most of our aerial platforms.

Currently, we own more than twenty medium-format cameras.

kamery średnioformatowe

Airborne laser scanning systems

Our adventure with ALS was from the very beginning associated with Riegl – and we have carried it on ever since. We currently own seven systems made by this company.

Our scanners also work with hyperspectral, thermal, oblique and vertical cameras in multi-sensor configurations.

systemy lidar

Hyperspectral scanners

Since 2015, we have been collecting hyperspectral data with the help of a unique configuration of 3 HySpex scanners by the Norwegian company, NEO. This translates into high spatial resolution data for the full spectral range of. 400 – 2500 nm.

kamery hiperspektralne

Thermal cameras

For aerial thermography, we use thermal cameras working within LWIR and MWIR bands. Precisely stabilized lenses and cooled sensor allow detecting temperatures with an accuracy of 1°C, and the ultra-fast matrix, even if not stabilized, produces sharp and clear images. High resolution above 1MPix ensures even 10-cm GSD, where the accuracy an orthophoto amounts to 1 pixel. With a set of several cameras we are able to obtain both vertical and oblique imagery in one flight.

kamery termowizyjne


It happens quite often that our projects involve mapping of hard-to-reach areas. To support field measurements and increase flexibility we have been using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

dron drony

Multisensor platform

Multisensor aerial platform is our original design for simultaneous recording of hyperspectral and lidar data, and high-resolution RGB imagery. Our platform gets constantly expanded in order to find room for more sensors – we are already carrying out flight campaigns with an extra thermal camera.

The applied idea of instrument fusion guarantees a synergy between complementary types of data. Products that we deliver are based on data from the multisensor platform and comprehensive analyses aided by data fusion.

The platform was created as part of the R&D project: ‘The innovative approach supporting monitoring of non-forest Natura 2000 habitats, using remote sensing methods’, cofounded by the National Centre for Research and Development in Poland as part of the BIOSTRATEG II strategic program for research and development work ‘Natural environment, agriculture and forestry’.

dron drony


In order to efficiently obtain field data, bearing in mind the need for very precise measurements, we came up with our ownsystem supporting data collection - Nautilus. It consists of a field capture equipment, database and reporting module. Each set has a special antenna that helps locate objects in the area with a centimetre-level accuracy.

The system can be adjusted to specific collections and measure desired parameters which are entered in the form of dictionary-based attributes by the operator. It also allows for creation of photographic documentation. All captured data is transferred in real time to the online database where it is collected, stored and verified. Quality control is also real-time, thanks to dedicated programming solutions (mainly proprietary code in Python and SQL). Thanks to this solution, all errors are reported back straight to the operator and can be immediately corrected, before the field campaign is finished.

We configured our system so that it can work round the clock.


Our multipurpose web platform for publication and analysis of collected data has been successfully used in both urban and natural environment.

Its biggest advantages are:

  • responsive interface
  • versatility
  • integration of various types of data (orthophoto, ALS, 3D mesh model, streetview, raster and vector data)

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